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Samsung Odyssey G7 Review: A Samsung Curveball

I’ve been running a 500gb 970 evo plus for over 2 years. Just recently upgraded my other rig and slotted in a 2tb 970 evo plus about a month ago. Hopefully this isn’t an issue with newer models, but this is just my personal experience. It is important to follow the instructions carefully and backup any important data before updating the firmware as there is always a risk of data loss or failure during the update process. Samsung releases a wide range of monitors each year, from basic, entry-level monitors to some of the most advanced gaming monitors on the market. Their high-end gaming monitors are typically a safe bet; aside from a few firmware issues, they generally perform well.

Anything under a 3080 or 6800xt would be a bad idea haha. Mostly used for gaming with some work from home action. Perfect for gaming because of the refresh rate, HDR is pretty ok on it.

Thoughts on the Samsung Odyssey Neo G8

So I then got my brother in law to march to the computer store with monitor, cable of monitor and computer so the computer shop could see what we see. The computer shop technician «with great authority» said that the monitor VGA unit of the monitor was faulty. We could take the monitor for fixing somewhere, but no doubt it would flare up again soon. My brother in law and I then checked out a few monitors and thankfully he didn’t buy one immediately as he didn’t have his credit card with him. I then asked him, since the monitor had been written off as defunct, whether I could take it home with me and check it out. Both of us thought that it was a faulty monitor and I wouldn’t fix it, but I wanted to know exactly what was up .

  • This is a free tool from Samsung for monitoring the status and health of your drive, and is also the easiest way to update their firmware.
  • Overall, the G9 delivers very good visuals, it just isn’t quite there as a dual-use monitor and the curve doesn’t help in this regard.
  • Even when you enable it in HDR it causes large dimming zones to turn on, actually reducing the overall contrast with the checkerboard pattern, but blacks are deeper when the dimming zones are off. is an online technology magazine that provides in depth articles about digital technology. The site was established on September 10, 2015 and was able to attract lots of readers across the globe. Currently, we have 4 million unique readers every month and we have partnered with different organizations and businesses. I don’t know if it’s the same issue, but my monitor stopped working a year or so ago, and I was able to fix it by replacing all the electrolytic capacitors (for a total expenditure of less than $10). Might be worth opening it up to see if any of them are bulging or leaking.

Do you have to update a Blu-Ray player?

For an $800 monitor, the warranty should be longer than 1 year. And even then, a monitor should last much longer. I’ve never moved the monitor from its location since setup. It has been used in a household of only adults – I am over 30 with no kids. It seems unreasonable that Samsung will not support this monitor, when used properly, for more than 1 year. But as I look around at my Samsung equipment, everything has issues.

‘Cause when I first turned on my monitor a few days ago, it was set to GREEN, a bit darker pic… Click on the firmware executable once the download is complete. The executable will proceed to unzip firmware files and extract them. You can specify the location where you want the firmware to download to. Insert the flash drive into a USB port on your NMC, see “Front Panel ” and “Front Panel ”.

For a 700+ monitor i was really disappointed to find one pixel dead after 2 months. ( i checked the reviews and it seems like it’s the new standard for the oddysey monitors both g7 and g9) also the back plastic cover it’s made out of the cheapest plastic. After i inspected it, one of the teeth that was holding it in place was broken… Worse thing is it got broken and left somewhere inside the monitor. Every time i rotate the monitor i hear it moving inside. The Samsung G70A has mediocre HDR peak brightness.

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